E series LED Neon Flex 

Why choose LED Neon Flex


Malleable and incredibly durable, the LED Neon Flex can easily be twisted into a variety of different shapes; from straight lines to deep curves, anything is possible. It is the ideal option for customized designs and lettering.

DIY Easy Installation

The installation process is simple, quick, and painless. There is no need to struggle with complex equipment or convoluted instructions. Specifically designed mounting brackets and channels ensure that your space will be beautifully lit in no time at all.

9 colors and 16.7 million colors

LED Neon Flex is available in a wide range of colors, including Red, Yellow, Orange, Blue,Green,White, Warm White, Pink, Purple. RGB series will have 16.7 million color by magic color RGB LED Controller

Low Operation Cost

LED Neon Flex is waterproof, virtually unbreakable, and gives off no heat spots. It utilizes standard AC or DV voltages, which makes the product safer than glass neon. Saving operation and maintenance cost.

What’s E series LED Neon Flex?

Why choose Flex-Neon.com

Over 9 Years experience

Since 2008, we start operate LED Neon Flex series products. Now we are expert technical support team for production, developing and service.

Expert Customized design service

When get your blueprint,description,project drawing or simple ideal,Flex-Neon.com will choose the suitable products series for your needs.

Products quality problem 100% solved

We can not make sure our products have not any problem, but we can make sure we can solve the problem 100%. All problem products must be replaced freely by Flex-Neon.com.