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What are the uses of Neon Flex Lights?

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Most people know neon flex lights from seeing them outside shops, restaurants etc. They often wonder if there are any uses of neon flex lights beyond it. Well, you will be surprised when we tell you the numerous places where you can use neon flex lights.

Promoting business with simple neon lights was the norm a few years ago; it was expensive but it got the job done. However, neon flex lights have taken over since then. They are cost effective and offer a lot of variety. A lot of you might not know this but traditional neon lights had a lot of limitations. Their biggest limitation was that they were not suitable for indoor use. Neon flex lights have eliminated this problem effectively as you can install them virtually anywhere.  Their IP68 rating guarantees that they are extremely safe to use.

The options of installing neon flex lights are virtually limitless. You can install them outdoors, indoors, and even underwater. What other light offers you the flexibility of installing them underwater. It doesn’t end here though, there are more uses of neon flex lights that your mind can perceive. Let us discuss them below.

1.     Decorations

You would find no better option than neon flex lights for decorations. These lights are often used to brighten up dull places like pharmacies and clinics. Installing LED neon flex lights for your birthday would also be a great idea as it will make a lively occasion even more joyous.

2.     Functionality

A good thing about LED neon flex lights is that you can use it almost anywhere without any hassle. You can easily install LED neon flex lights without the need of complex tools like diffusers. You can also use LED neon lights in certain areas that you especially want to highlight.

3.     Outdoors

Because of its IP68 rating, neon flex lighting can be used at any location, be it indoors or underwater. The use of neon flex will ensure that you can light up a place for hours or even days, without the concern of too much bills or the light going bad.

4.     Entertainment

You can use LED neon flex lights on a variety of entertainment platforms. A lot of singers and bands use this form of lighting to give their stage a retro contemporary look. The stunning versatility of neon flex lighting can add a lot of flair and character to any entertainment event.

5.     Large Displays

People use LED neon flex lights on large buildings, banners, high rise buildings and stadiums. Apart from its superior quality, longevity is the biggest reasons why these lights are installed on the above-mentioned places. An expected life of 50,000 hours makes sure that you can leave these lights on without worrying about fusing.

The uses of neon flex signs are almost unlimited. You simply have to use your imagination and creativity. These lights are an infinitely better option than other lights that have very little to offer.

Benefits of LED Neon Flex Lights

Surprisingly, LED neon flex lights did not have a good start initially. People deemed it to be extremely expensive and thought that it had extremely low light output. But with technology rapidly improving day by day LED neon flex lights have become a default choice for most people.

Not only that, the price of these lights has lowered remarkably. One of the biggest reasons behind the drop in price is market saturation. These lights are so high in demand that you will find it at almost every light shop on the street.

With LED neon flex lights high in demand, the claims of traditional incandescent bulbs and simple LED lights getting obsolete are becoming truer with each passing day. Mentioned below are a few benefits that make LED neon flex lights the undisputed winner among all lights.

  • Low temperatures do not affect LED neon flex lights. This means that you can easily use these lights indoors as well as outdoors.
  • One of the biggest issues with most lights is that they do not open instantly; they are dim and keep blinking for a few minutes. It takes at least a couple of minutes for them to open. LED neon flex lights on the other hand, open instantly. You simply have to flick the switch and the light will turn on in full effect. No dimming and no blinking.
  • LED neon flex lights have an extremely long life span. 20 to 25 years is the average life of these lights, which makes them an efficient and cost effective option.
  • You wouldn’t find better energy efficient lights than LED neon flex lights. When compared to traditional incandescent lights, these lights use up less than half the energy. Although the initial cost of LED neon flex lights might be slightly on the higher side, they are infinitely better than incandescent lights or any other lights for that matter.

Mounting LED Neon Flex lights

One of the biggest problems people face with most lights is mounting them. Mounting lights can not only be difficult, it can be dangerous as well. However, mounting LED neon flex lights is extremely easy as there are numerous mounting options to choose from. Mentioned below are a few options that make mounting extremely easy.

1.     Clips

Mounting clips and mounting channels make mounting these lights a walk in the park. You can use the clips for keeping the curves study, while you can use the channels for straighter applications. You will require a relatively large number of mounting clips if your design has dramatic curves.

2.     Standard Aluminum

The standard aluminum designed for LED neon flex lights is slightly different than other aluminum mounts. You can grip the light inside the standard aluminum instead of locking it like other aluminum mounts. The grips of the standard aluminum are especially designed to be slightly tight to make sure that the LED neon flex lights do not fall off.

3.     Plastic

The plastic mounts are similar to the standard aluminum mounts. However, these mounts are designed for mounting these lights underwater.

Overall, LED neon flex lights are a great option for virtually anyone. Its uses are only limited by your imagination. Their longevity, efficiency, and low prices should be enough to convince you to get hold of them as soon as possible.

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