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What is LED Neon Flex? What is Neon Light?

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There are various forms of rope lighting available in the market; however, none of them are as great as LED neon flex. You will find quite a lot of bulk rope lighting and cheap knockoffs available in most places, but their quality will not be anywhere near LED neon flex lighting.

One of the best things that make LED neon flex so great is the fact that they are engineered by experts who know their craft. These artisans make sure that these neon lights are durable and environmentally friendly as well. We have spent multiple years in perfecting the light engine technology to make sure that our customers get the most bang for their buck when they buy LED neon flex lights.

The manufacturing process of the LED neon flex light is unlike any other, it is extremely thorough, which is why we are able to create waterproof and impact-resistant LED neon flex lights. We have made sure that our customers can choose from a wide range of lights that have numerous features.

Our designers spend day and night working on these lights to make sure that these neon lights are a perfect fit for your requirements. We have neon light solution for interior as well as large exteriors. These lights even have interactive elements, which make it extra special.

What makes our LED neon flex lights so great is how long they can last. We offer these lights with a limited warranty, making sure that our customers always leave with a smile on their faces.  Our line of neon LED lights is UL compliant and CE/ROHS certified. We encourage you to ask us any question you want to and we will happily respond.

What is Neon Light?

There are a lot of people who do not know what a neon light actually is. Well, to make things extremely simple, neon lights are electrified gas tubes that contain rarified neon. They may contain some other gasses as well.

The origin of neon lights dates far back to 1917 when it was actually developed. These lights were first known as miniature neon glow lamps. These lamps were significantly smaller than the neon LED lights we see today.

Neon lights have the ability to emit colored light. The color of the light depends on the gas in the tube.  Mercury, carbon dioxide, helium, and hydrogen are used commonly for adding different colors to these lights.

British scientists Morris W Travers and William Ramsay were the ones who discovered neon lights in 1898. They discovered it by obtaining it purely from the atmosphere. They did numerous tests to see how they could put neon to good use.

Neon light has been evolving since it was first introduced. The neon LED lights that we see nowadays are environmentally friendly and remarkably safer than the plain neon lights that people used back in the day.

In the year 1910 Georges Claude tried to introduce some practical uses for neon lighting. His demonstrations were extremely impressive and were one of the main reasons why we see the prevalence of neon lights in this day and age.

Upon viewing George’s demonstrations, people started to use neon lights for advertisement. Many shops, hotels and restaurants use neon lights to attract their customers.

Why Choose Neon Flex Lights?

Choosing between simple neon lights and Neon Flex lights has been a topic of dispute among many. We advise you to choose neon flex lights for a multitude of different reasons. First of all, it is environmentally friendly. Although traditional neon can be effective at times, they have a lot of health hazards that make them extremely dangerous.

In fact, there are some cities that strictly prohibit the use of neon lights. Neon flex lights are an evolved and safer version of the traditional neon lights. You can use them virtually anywhere as they are extremely safe. Additionally these lights will give you more bang for your buck as they are extremely durable and can last for years.

Once you start comparing the traditional neon light with neon flex lights you will see how much better the flex lights really are.


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